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Vonsvon Aviation signs agreement with GAS on the used aircraft parts
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Vonsvon Aviation agrees with General Airframe Support hereinafter called "GAS" located in Tucson, Arizona, to cooperate on the used aircraft airframe and spare parts supply and support business to serve Vonsvon Aviation's customers with growing demand.

Headquartered in Roswell, NM, GAS have have tens of thousands more AR parts removed from scrapped airplane in the warehouses, instant access to dozens more airplanes, and additional distribution hubs in Mojave. As if that isn't enough, our brokers have created an extensive network of suppliers and other resources to help you find anything you need to get your planes back in the air.

As a privately held company, General Airframe Support has created a team with vast experience, industry knowledge, and is They buy and sell rotable and consumable components to offering strategic solutions for meeting the inventory needs of our customers and suppliers. As an ASA-100 certified supplier and through our relationships with numerous FAA/EASA repair facilities, they can support us the scrapped parts from the airplane and the recycle materials business.