Our Company

Established at the Heart of Asia, Hong Kong, Vonsvon International Group's business covered two major products: the storage of auto part and plastic film. Each sector operates with their respective areas of expertise by acting as the stocking distributor and/or representative in the Asia Pacific region for manufacturers and service providers worldwide.
Vonsvon International Group, fundamentally, a culture-base company, has a strong set of global business markets from general aviation to cultural trades. Our success begins with our ability to combine the leading US & European management culture with an endless array of today's needs. Vonsvon has setup offices or branch operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, China (Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen), Australia, U.S.A. and Czech Republic.

With dedicated efforts of its directors and staffs, Vonsvon sales originated from the business model has increased steadily over the years. To strengthen our sales efforts and to broaden our business coverage, We are operating all four diversified businesses including Vonsvon Aviation, Vonsvon Green, Vonsvon Design and Vonsvon Logistics to take on the world's new challenges.

Our business has thrived by providing customers with efficient and cost-saving products and services in Asia's fast-growing customers’ market. Originated from the spare parts sales in auto parts and civil plastic film, gradually, we learned from the suppliers to guild and satisfy customers in Asia to work as westerns. We grew and expanded from the spare parts to the civil general aviation aftermarket service, from the civil plastic film to the solar panel distribution, from general aviation aftermarket service to fly and travel organizer, from the fly and travel organizer to the AD and new media operator.
All of these aspects are made possible by Vonsvon and its singular commitment to make our life better and safer for people around the world.

Flying together

Together, we're working to build an elite combination of Western and Eastern culture which are advancing additive development every day.