Import a clean and earth-friendly alternative to traditional energy concepts from Western countries, Vonsvon Green collects the worldwide customized smart energy kits to prompt your life cleaner and better.

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At Vonsvon Green Products, we love coming to work. Established in 2005 as a small business, we have grown into a thriving company that serves the Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China and other Asian countries. We are a collective of honest people with diverse, specialized skills and a passion for a job well done. Vonsvon Green's mission is to provide a clean, earth friendly alternative to traditional energy concepts. Using the latest technologies, it is our promise to customers to provide them with the most compact renewable energy products.

Based on the Vonsvon International Group's environmental policy and the Vonsvon International Group's biodiversity action guidelines, we are striving to contribute to the preservation of the natural environment through our business activities, along with volunteer activities and monetary donations by employees.

Based on the Vonsvon International Group's action guidelines, the Vonsvon Green recognizing the importance of biodiversity conservation as a key business challenge, acts to promote it, based on a broad perspective.

The world's biodiversity is severely affected by climate change. We are working to conserve biodiversity indirectly through our mitigating efforts by providing products that contribute to the fuel economy of automobiles and that contribute to the spread of environmentally friendly vehicles such as EVs by reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, in order to protect the rich natural ecosystems that are close to our working environment, we are working directly to conserve biodiversity by introducing facilities and equipment that take impacts on biodiversity into consideration.

We are participating in activities that can contribute to the local community, such as eco-friendly activities carried out by welfare organizations and recycling activities to local organizations.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of original brand opened in Hong Kong

Asian Aviation Aftermarket Segment Suppliers Awards

Aviation Suppliers Association Member in USA

A value shared by all of us is a deep concern for the environment and for society as a whole.

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At Vonsvon Green, our ultimate environmental goal is to be Carbon Neutral and the Carbon Audit is the first step to achieving that objective. We have been developing, promoting and using environmentally-friendly products and we have introduced environmentally-friendly materials, techniques and equipments to enhance our green manufacturing initiatives. 

Reduction in emissions and energy-saving measures are also key steps toward a “Zero-waste factory” and ones that we have been pursuing. We are increasing their awareness of environmental protection and putting “green ideas” into practice.

Vonsvon Green authorizes third-party certification bodies to continuously audit and review our environmental management system, helping us to set up our annual improvement plan. We try to reduce energy use and stay green in different ways, including logistics and supply chain improvements. 

We wish to achieve "Carbon Neutral" status in the near future with our "products carbon footprints" program and by increasing our tree planting activities.

All suppliers and partners of Vonsvon Green and every facet of our organization are committed to providing excellent and outstanding GREEN products and services.

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Greenproducts Brochure (Chinese Version)
Greenproducts Brochure (French Version)

We are a partership company in China to provide comprehensive civil general aviation aftermarket services with SCA in Florida.

Agrinautics in U.S.A is well known world-wide for its spray systems used on the agricultural helicopters and airtractors airplane. We are the distributor for them in China.

BFGoodrich Tires supports events across the country, throughout the year. Find out where the rubber meets the road, and get yourself there.

Weldon Pump in U.S.A has been manufacturing quality fuel pumps for a wide range of airplane since 1942. We are the distributor for them in China.

W. Ludolph GmbH & Co. KG in Germany has belonged to the global players in nautical and aeronautical fields for more than 165 years. We are the distributor for them in China.

You'll fly with confidence with Michelin tires and tubes because of their value, their technology and their performance.

Its target involves in professional management of international transportation services, to work with us to handle the dangerous goods such as battery and chemicals.

GAS in AZ, USA, is the strategic partner in the recycle business of the scrapped civil commercial airplanes parts. We are the partnership in the business field.

Skyleader a.s. is a Czech Light Sports Airplane aircraft manufacturer based in Jihlava, Czech Republic. We are proud to introduce this brand into China market since 2014.

Apple Heli is the civil helicopter spare parts inventory manager and repair shop in TN, USA and UK. We share the spare parts pool program for our customers in Asia.

Rapco Inc. is a manufacturer of quality FAA-PMA approved standard sealing replacement parts.

3M polyurethane protection tapes and films enhance corrosion resistance and protect interior components while meeting exacting airplane specifications.

Panasonic make sealed lead acid battery for aviation such as Diamond DA40, DA42 airplanes made in Canada and Austria.

Satair is a world leading provider of aftermarket services and solutions for the civil aerospace industry

We deliver fuel, lube, coolant and air intake filters for diesel engines, hydraulic and bulk tank filtration for several airplane models.

VSV GREEN is committed to becoming a global innovator and supplier of affordable, sustainable and commercially viable low carbon or carbon negative products to tackle some of industries hardest CO2 abatement challenges.

  • Airframe | Safety
  • Wheels | Brakes | Tires
  • Engine and Accessories
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Chemicals | Oils | Lubricants
  • Avionics | Electrical

Vonsvon Aviation aims to provide swift deliveries and supplies of a wide range of airframe spare part products for general aviation users. Vonsvon Aviation maintains business relationships with certified local manufacturers and is entitled to promote their products to foreign markets.

With an inventory of over 20,000 line items held in the facilities, together with distribution agreements for major aircraft frame manufacturers, Vonsvon Aviation takes pride in the high level of aircraft frame spare parts service it can provide to its customers to do the airframe repair and maintenance.

Utilising national and international couriers and special professional dangerous goods package and shipping services, we can despatch ASB-life raft equipment, fire extinguishers and oxygen bottles to any destination worldwide. We also have the capabilities to refill and recertificate the fire extinguishers and oxygen bottles.


The range of our strategic cooperation partners in MRO support covers many companies and organizations in many fields, including aircraft and component manufacturers, MRO facilities, research and development organizations etc.

By providing value through exchangers, sourcing, and short turn around times, Vonsvon Aerospace extends many benefits to their customers such as:

  • With the use of our international+domestic pool, Vonsvon Aviation customers experience a shorter turn around time resulting in a faster transaction with their customers.
  • Vonsvon Aviation customers benefit from a single source of procurement for both new and any certified products they need.

  • MRO Partner Support
  • Piston Engine Total Care
  • Commopents Pool Program
  • Zero Stock Program
  • GSE Base Pooling
  • Warranty Return Agency

Vonsvon Aviation not only provide the necessary parts to keep you flying and have a network of FAA and EASA accredited repair stations who we regularly contract to carry out work for our customers. Once you provide us the details we get to work using our strength negotiating the best price saving you time and money and achieving the best outcome for your overhaul or repair.

All our overhauls or repairs are returned accompanied with the correct appropriate Documentation / Certification / Reports and delivered door-door within a set time frame.


Vonsvon Logistics Intelligent Fulfillment Solutions enable accuracy, velocity, labor efficiency and sustainability by harnessing the power of accurate, shared data throughout the supply chain for a better consumer experience by creating solutions that combine IT devices, applications, identifications solutions and services.

With a combination of IT devices, applications, identification solutions, and best-in-class services, our full suite of Logistics Solutions is designed to:

Increase Labor Efficiency

Heighten Inventory Accuracy and Visibility

Accelerate Speed of product movement 

Maximize Truckload and Routing Optimization

Improve Sustainability

  • Aircraft Sales Dealership
  • Expo and Aero Club
  • Used Aircraft Sales
  • Aircraft Leasing
  • Aircraft License Agency
  • Aircraft Related Services

The LSA category airplane brand Skyleader based in Jihlava,  the Czech Republic,  specializes in design, manufacturing, distributing and servicing of all metal and carbon/glass-composite light aircraft (all category ultralight / microlight / LSA).

The aircraft portfolio consisting of 6 types is designated for pilot training, special operations and recreational flying. They are manufactured to the rigorous ASTM International Standards. Private individuals around the world enjoy the pleasure of flying these professionally designed and comfortable aircraft with very good flight features including the Fowler´s flaps.

There are more and more Skyleader LSA airplanes flying in the sky of China.

Our comprehensive web store makes it quick and easy  to buy the exact parts you’re looking for. We also provide the financial credit services to buy your parts and trade with other buyers, and the sellers can use the credit to pay your bills on our platform.

We face the shipping cost challenge of the world among different country destinations, even if we ship one bolt or dangerous goods battery or fire extinguisher. Utilizing the professional data and partnership with buyers and sellers, we can act as quickly as you expect and ship the parts economically and safely.

  • Consignment Management
  • Inventory Acquisition
  • Auction
  • New Surplus Parts Purchase
  • Hose Fabrication & Kits
  • AOG Service

Vonsvon Aviation consignment program offers aviation entities worldwide the most cost effective and efficient way to market their surplus materials.

We understand the distance of the continents causes the unnecessary cost during the transportation, and the importance of reducing our customers’ investment in inventory which frees up cash flow.

l  Market you material to create the highest and quickest return

l  Advertise your material to our worldwide sites to attract potential buyers

l  Customize programs that include shipping, storing, selling and invoicing your surplus material

l  Use our years of experience in aviation to negotiate with the focused buyers

l  Provide monthly inventory and sales reports

l  Prompt payment for parts sold