Quality Management

We continually strive to improve our performance and address the ongoing challenges and opportunities. We are committed to sustainable development under international and regional quality management system. The Vonsvon Quality Management System is an established, documented, and maintained quality system for continual improvement. This quality system includes the organization’s requirements, policies, and process documents that reflect the standard practices throughout the company.


Assuring quality is a multi-functional effort throughout the organization. It is a continuous process that involves:

The identification and documentation of customer needs

The storage, handling, and delivery of materials and services to meet those needs consistently

Feedback from the customers about the company’s performance

Taking quick action on the customer’s feedback to improve the company’s performance 

Developed and endorsed by company management, the quality management system ensures that customers’ orders that are on time, accurate, and complete in terms of the products and services that Vonsvon provides to them. The system calls for adherence to regulatory and quality requirements and ensures customers that their needs and expectations are met.

Our management are certified by the above quality organizations.
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