Vonsvon AVIATION began as an aviation hardware wholesale dealer in Hong Kong, and merged into a comprehensive spare parts business in a new direction, became a repair station specializing in airplane tire recapping. Vonsvon Aviation provided wholesale parts to distributors, while continuing to sell as a retailer, as well. Vonsvon Aviation continues to expand, and is working now on more parts needed by the general aviation community in U.S.A. and Europe.

Now we are a well known and trusted Western culture style supplier to the Asian civil general aviation aftermarket spare parts market. It is our goal to help our customers develop customized solutions to their daily business operations. We provide innovative and cost effective ways for our clients to handle the maintenance of their planes.

Located in the places around the world, Vonsvon Aviation through its network of sales offices has a foothold worldwide. The facilities operated by Vonsvon Aviation are not only the suppliers to the local Asian customers, but also the buyers of the customers' inventory, to aim to create an interactive platform of local supplies linked with worldwide demands.

Vonsvon GREEN was the first distributor in Hong Kong to import plastic film used on the civil agricultural plant field into Asian countries. Vonsvon GREEN is now a developing site to create the concept of GREEN energy which provides high quality solar products imported from Western manufacturers. We are striving to create the business model with the concept of “mobile energy”, resulting in the creation of an all-new “mobile energy” products.

All products we offer are sourced through official channels and we officially represent these products in Hong Kong. As such, any product purchased from us features the manufacturer’s warranty. Whether you are looking for a way to charge your phone on the move, seeking solar panels to power a manufacturing facility or something in between simply contact us for assistance with your programs. We have been centered upon satisfying customers’ needs and developing applications focused on the key areas of residence and travel.

Vonsvon TRADE is your one-stop source for effective, efficient import and export solutions. We provide customized programs, policies, procedures, one-on-one guidance, support, and consulting for batch trade businesses. We offer real world experience you can rely on in making important import/export business decisions.

When it comes to the import/export compliance, it’s critically important that you place your trust in the hands of a professional that has your best interests at heart. Well-versed in developing and implementing export and import compliance programs that help companies succeed, for the past 25 years, we've worked in every aspect of the import/export arena with extensive experience in various trade regulations.

The on-time and cost-efficient movement of chemical cleaner or dangerous goods products between the oceans is the backbone of many organizational business models and a huge area for potential cost-savings. We can work as a trusted partner to maximize cost-savings while ensuring safely and timely delivery of chemicals such as oils, cleaners or dangerous goods such as batteries, oxygen cylinder and fire extinguishers.

We work with a number of Logistics Service Providers and can provide a service analysis based on your organizational needs to determine the best fit for your organization. We can help build a streamlined Transportation & Logistics program for your organization, help manage your Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders, or we can review existing programs, and help develop one that maximizes benefits to your organization.

Vonsvon DESIGN is a new business creator to organize integrated marketing activities specializing in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry representing multiple agency brands with one goal: to combine the activities including air charter, yacht charter, RV charter and home-stay hotel to one platform to inspire people to go places.

Once this business was originated from helicopter tour agency in U.S.A and Europe for business partners in Asia, to organize VIP private and sharing flights in some famous places as well as precision helicopter aerial filming and helicopter aerial photography.
As it is a new business and expected to be bigger, we separate this model to be a new business field to be based on a winning combination of a highly experienced team of VIP tourism programs in Asia and other cities. When you choose your private luxury domestic or overseas programs, you can choose and reserve your four experience tools as we provide, whether for the helicopter sightseeing tours, business flight and linked ground transportation, or any yacht or RV charter, and rooms you want to live in the famous places. Our services of well-appointed IT platform ensure you arrive in style and on time, has earned us worldwide respect.

Flying together

Together, we're working to build an elite combination of Western and Eastern culture which are advancing additive development every day.